You Are Not Your Thoughts

The realization that “you are not your thoughts” has truly transformed my life and can do the same for you.

Many of us, including me, have been in that place where we felt like our thoughts were who we were, consumed by the never-ending stream of mental chatter. But the moment I recognized that I am not my thoughts, it marked the beginning of a journey towards radical positive change.

What’s even more liberating is the understanding that our thoughts are not necessarily true. You don’t have to believe everything that crosses your mind, especially those negative and stressful thoughts that tend to creep in.

So, let’s dive a little deeper into the practice of noticing your thoughts, detaching from them, and reframing them. This is a skill that empowers you to live a more joyful, peaceful, and empowered life.

Why Noticing Your Thoughts Matters

As humans, we spend over 95% of our waking lives immersed in our thoughts. It’s like being trapped in a constant whirlwind of mental chatter. This makes it easy to believe that the voice inside our heads defines who we are. Unfortunately, a significant portion of these thoughts are negative and repetitive, and if we don’t break free from this default mode, we remain stuck in a cycle of unhappiness.

When you can notice your thoughts, it’s a clear indicator that “you” are not your thoughts. Picture it this way: your consciousness is like the vast sky, and your thoughts are just passing clouds. Have you ever wondered how thoughts just seem to “appear”?

Realizing that you are not your thoughts and that you have the power not to get ensnared by negative feelings born from these fleeting thoughts is a true eye-opener.

But to make this realization life-changing, you need to take it one step further and actively do something about it.

Taking Back Your Power

It’s time to stop accepting your stressful thoughts as undeniable truths. You don’t have to believe everything you think. Stressful thoughts can be questioned, and that’s where your true power lies.

Rather than feeling like a puppet controlled by your negative thoughts, understanding that they are not “you” and often not “true” gives you the freedom not to be at their mercy. You can step out of the shadow of negative thoughts.

Noticing your thoughts and understanding that they are not “you” is your first step in reclaiming your power. When you can view your thoughts from the perspective of an “observer” with some detachment, you can let them pass by and question them if needed.

A Practical 3-Step Process

Let’s get practical with a 3-step process for mastering negative thoughts:

  • 1. Notice: Be aware when you’re caught up in thoughts that cause stress or discomfort.
  • 2. Detach with Curiosity: Observe the thought as separate from “you.” Create space between yourself and the thought without judgment.
  • 3. Reframe: Choose different thoughts or tell yourself a new story from the perspective of your “wiser self.”

Take a moment to imagine how this might play out for you in everyday life. Perhaps you’re having a hectic day, feeling overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. You notice a pang of discomfort and stress. You curiously examine the underlying thoughts about the workload, “calling them out” – not believing them – and reframing with a more empowering perspective. Thoughts like “I’m so stressed. There’s too much to do and I don’t have time,” can be reframed to something like, “It’s all good. Just do one thing at a time and whatever gets done, it’s all fine. I can do this!”  Before long, you’ll notice the discomfort dissipating. 

This process takes practice, but the more you apply it to everyday complaints and challenges, the more you’ll strengthen your ability to transform your life.

So, remember this: your thoughts are not “You,” and they’re often not “True”!

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  1. This has changed me so much 🙂 Thankyou Kelly xx

    • Thanks Kelly, I listened to this at the right time. Stuck in a not so good space at the moment. I must reframe.

  2. Thank you Kelly I really needed to hear this today was a great help in the space I’m in at the moment.

  3. Thankyou Kelly . I really needed to hear that today. I am in hospital and I have a lot of negative thoughts. Sometimes I feel that all my thoughts are negative
    Warm regards.

    Juliet Shah


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