Soul Space

Calm your mind, nourish your soul, change your life.

When did you start feeling so lost?

The confidence you once felt? Maybe it disappeared amongst the years you’ve spent caring for others.

You know that constant worry and overthinking can’t be good for you, but how do you even begin to change that?

You’ve tried meditation, but had no idea how to switch off.

You keep hearing how important self love is, but what does that even mean and how do you not feel guilty about it?

But despite all this, you know there must be a way that you can feel better, that you could actually find peace.

If you can relate, you’re in the right place and I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.

I’m Kelly Hine

and I remember, clearly, feeling all of those things.

There are several ways to tap into a sense of deep peace, calm and contentment, no matter what crazy stuff is going on in your life.

I’m here to show you how easy that can be.

Why Soul Space?

Most of us go through life not learning how to manage our thoughts and emotions to be truly peaceful, and then when the tough stuff happens, we just don’t have the tools or understanding to not fall victim to suffering.

If you’re like most women, I’m guessing you’re way too busy and overloaded. If you’ve lost touch with yourself and don’t even know how to switch off, you’re far from alone!

I understand you and I see you. And so will the women of our heart-centered community.

Imagine feeling like the load you’ve been carrying has been lifted from your shoulders.

Problems that used to get you so worked up hardly seem to matter now.

You savour the joys of life – appreciate the little things.

People are even commenting that you seem different.

You feel optimistic and excited about life.

You notice the flow-on effect is positively impacting your family and relationships.

This is the work of my heart and soul, the work that sees hundreds of women every year make life-changing transformations. This is your Soul Space. Join your people.

Soul Space is…



Self-love and spirituality made simple, practical and real

A community of like-minded, soulful women seeking peace, calm and meaning.

A place that helps you to calm your busy mind (yes, you can, and I’ll guide you every step of the way).

A top up for your weary mind, body and soul – a mini-retreat away from your crazy-busy life.

Where you’re shown the way to a much more on-purpose life of greater peace, happiness and meaning.

The latest on personal development, mindfulness, neuroscience and more.

Here’s what Soul Space looks like…

You curl up with a cup of tea in your cozy clothes, maybe even light a candle. It’s your special time. Within minutes, what you’re learning makes so much sense and your negative thoughts and feelings are no longer a problem.
Then, as Kelly’s calming voice guides you into effortless relaxation, you can feel the deeper shift it’s making in you (and is completely changing the way you live your life). It makes you wonder how you ever lived without this. When life gets hard (because it does!) knowing it’s always there for you, it’s so easy to take a little time and dip into the session you need.
No more wasting time searching for the answers, or stuck in overwhelm and indecision. Knowing that finally, you have what you’ve been searching for so long, and feeling the difference it’s making. And you don’t even have to leave the house. This time is so precious and valued to you now. If something gets in the way and you don’t get your Soul Space time,– you really miss it!

What's included?

Mini Retreats

Access to a members-only site with a library of over 100 Soul Sessions (professionally produced video “ mini-retreats” so you feel like you’re there with me!) on every topic you could possibly need to support you, stored for you to easily dip into according to what you need.

Fresh content

Fresh new session each week that leaves you feeling amazing, and empowered by learning a better approach to life.

Guided meditations

Over 100 guided meditations (this alone is worth than an annual membership!)

No more searching YouTube to find a guided meditation with a voice that doesn’t annoy you!


Experience the power of Reiki healing sessions at your fingertips – like having a Reiki Master in your home…whenever you need it! New Reiki session every month, and access to the previous ones too!


The Soul Space Sister Community. Be part of this powerful, positive and supportive women’s circle. Women just like you on a similar journey who “get it”.

Monthly gatherings

An opportunity to join me live for a guided meditation (so powerful when we do this as a group), get your questions answered and share your challenges and wins in conversation with the other Soul Space Sisters.

Healthy living

Because the path to being our best self really does require an integrated mind, body and spirit approach. So you get recipes and healthy eating information, aromatherapy and even professional yoga classes!



over 100 soul sessions – $4900


new session each week – $2450/year


guided meditations – $800


Reiki session every month – $980/year


Monthly live online gatherings – $948/year


Healthy Living – $297


Bonus Masterclass – Ditch Guilt & Overwhelm – $79

Total Value $10,454


PLUS EXTRA BONUS: “REWIRE FEAR & ANXIETY” MasterClasses Included Free with ANNUAL Membership ($450 Value)

Money Back Guarantee

My mission with this membership program is to give you the tools for greater peace, calm and happiness so that you can live your best life possible. I truly believe in this program and its content. If you decide that Soul Space doesn’t meet your expectations, just get in touch to let us know within 10 days of purchase, and we’ll give you a full refund. Please note that this is a Quality Guarantee, not a free trial.

Soul Space Memberships are a great way to experience all that I teach and find what works best for you as an individual. I open the doors two-to-three times per year to invite new members to join ($29/mo or $290/year) you can cancel at any time.

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  • 1 year membership (Value $10,454)
  • PLUS EXTRA BONUS: “REWIRE FEAR & ANXIETY” MasterClasses Included Free ($450 Value)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access the sessions anytime?
Yes! Soul Space is designed to make it super accessible and convenient for you. All previous sessions are there for instant access as soon as you join. And each week a new one will be added to the member’s area for you to enjoy whenever you like. There is no time-limit – they’re all there for you to watch whenever, and as often as you like. In fact, you may find that you’ll want to choose a certain topic to help with what’s going on for you at the time.
What if I need help or have questions?
No problem. We are only an email away!
I’m not very tech savvy. Will it be easy for me to access the Soul Space program?
Yes! I’ve made this as easy as possible for you! As soon as you join, you’ll get an email from me with an easy link to get you straight into your member’s area and enjoying the content right away.
What if I want to cancel?
No problem, you can cancel at any time. You can do this easily in your member’s area. You will be able to access the content until your next payment would have been due
How will my membership payments work?
Your membership will be billed as a recurring payment, but you’re not locked in, you can cancel anytime.

Have more questions?

Contact Kelly to help you decide if Soul Space right for you.

Julie Maree Honeysett

Kelly provides a multitude of self help strategies and coaches you along the way with a gentle, real and nurturing approach to mindfulness and wellbeing. I have never found anything else that is so helpful, relevant and easy to both listen to and understand. If you...


I started out as a person who was never able to switch off, which caused me a lot of health issues. I was amazed that I actually was able to relax and calm my mind. Soul Space has made such a positive impact on my life, my health and me as a person. Kelly is...


With Soul Space, I’m feeling more in control as I can keep coming back to the meditations and techniques which calm me down and get me back on track. As I am going through an extremely stressful 'life stage' at the moment I need this - thank you!


Soul Space has me feeling so connected again. The clarity that continues to come to me through these sessions is making me feel so much better. Life just keeps getting better every day.


Soul Space has given me tools to deal with difficult people in my life - like stressful work situations. I can't believe how well the techniques work!


My feelings of self-worth were very low. Now I've learned how to love and forgive myself. The positives that have come from Soul Space have been huge. I feel I'm a better person. I find joy in little everyday things and I'm braver, calmer and live so much more in the...


I love how the soul space topic so often just "hits the spot"! I have an ever increasing supply of strategies that I can tap into when the need arises, as well as something to look forward to every week. Just knowing that the sessions are there is like having a friend...


What I love about Soul Space is that I can dip into the meditations and teachings. It's always there when I need it. It brings me a feeling of clarity. When I'm faced with challenges, I recall the calm I feel in your sessions and it gives me the strength I need.

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  • 1 year membership (Value $10,454)
  • PLUS EXTRA BONUS: 3 x Live “REWIRE FEAR & ANXIETY” MasterClasses Included Free ($210 Value)

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