Imagine if you didn’t have to do anything for anyone else for a whole week? Or even just three days?

And what if during that time, it’s all about you?

How would you feel if you could spend this time in a place where you feel held, loved and nurtured from the inside out?

For women who are beginning to explore their spiritual side.

My retreats are a safe space for women of all ages to immerse themselves in a time and place where they can experience deep relaxation, inspiration and nurturing.

This is also about connecting with your authentic self, for making life-changing shifts. You will return to real-life a happier, truer version of you.

Often women attend the retreats with a friend, sister, mother or daughter. But in most cases, they come alone. And what amazes me every time is how quickly the group forms a connection of loving acceptance and support.

So if you feel nervous about coming alone, this is normal. I want to reassure you that you’ll feel safe and accepted and there’s a very good chance you’ll make some life-long friends.

We tackle common problems like insomnia, overthinking, anxiety, unrest, dissatisfaction, lack of confidence and more. My natural ability to teach means you will get easy-to-understand information that you can incorporate into your life moving forward. You won’t need to rely on me forever. This is about you, uncovering the energy you need to keep moving forward and enjoying your life.

“I help teach women how to connect with the peace and happiness that is already within them based on my training and personal experience.

Bali | Daintree Signature Retreat

Margaret River | Byron Bay

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