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Did you know your subconscious thoughts affect the way you feel and act? Most of those thoughts come from beliefs you developed in early childhood.

If you feel stuck or unhappy, the great news is that through the revolutionary modality of MAP, your brain can literally heal itself.

The MAP process uses recent breakthroughs in neuroscience to rewire the brain, clearing the unconscious “blocks” that prevent you from living your best life.

The results are astounding.

I do some one-on-one MAP sessions with my Soul Space members but I also offer this transformational healing in group sessions. The combination of neuroscience and communication with the subconscious can allow the brain to heal itself.

Recorded sessions of my MAP Masterclasses are an affordable and effective way to experience this remarkable, life-changing new modality.
MAP is a revolutionary new method that treats and neutralises negative unconscious memories and blocks and replaces them with positive, self-empowering beliefs. MAP harnesses cutting-edge neuroscience and communication with the unconscious mind, to allow the brain to heal itself.

“You Are Worthy” MAP Masterclasses

Your sense of self-worth affects every area of your life. Every emotional wound we have relates back to a sense of being “not good enough” or unworthy.

This course of 5 Masterclasses with Kelly is designed to neutralise and clear unconscious blocks, fears and limiting beliefs
related to self-worth, self-love and confidence.

“Plenty” MAP Masterclasses

Lack-based beliefs that stem from our human “negativity bias” hold us back from experiencing an abundance of joy, money, time, energy and love.

This course of 5 Masterclasses is designed to clear those unconscious, lack-based beliefs, to bring you back in alignment with your true, authentic, abundant self.

“Rewire Fear & Anxiety” MAP Masterclasses

Reprogram unconscious blocks that cause unnecessary fear and anxiety, to create mental & emotional freedom.

This series of 3 Masterclasses neutralise memories from past events, treat the emotions and beliefs associated with fear and anxiety. In addition, they are to align you with new positive, self-empowering thoughts and beliefs that create a calmer way of being.

“Letting Go” MAP Masterclasses

Create mental & emotional freedom from anything you’re ready to let go.

This series of 4 Masterclasses allow you to neutralise and clear any mental or emotional blocks that you’re ready to release.

“Happier Relationships” MAP Masterclasses

You know that the key to your happiness (including in your relationships) is within you, and that your job is not to try and change others.

This course of 5 Masterclasses with Kelly is designed to neutralise and clear unconscious blocks, fears, and limiting beliefs related to relationships, feeling worthy, low self-esteem and not expressing good boundaries with others.

“Be Empowered” MAP Masterclasses

This series of 4 Masterclasses allows you to neutralise and clear any mental or emotional blocks, fears and limiting beliefs related to empowerment.

These transformational Masterclasses will help you: Reframe your story of past hurts and mistakes, Be able to quickly activate your confidence, Change the way you respond to challenges (instead of reacting), Stop feeling like a victim to circumstances, and Recode beliefs and behaviours that cause you to feel alone and unsupported.

“Self-Confidence” Masterclass Series

This series of 4 Masterclasses with Kelly is designed to re-wire, neutralise, and clear unconscious blocks, fears, and limiting self-beliefs to achieve anything you want this year.

  • Instil an unshakable belief, (so you KNOW without a doubt), that your heart’s desires are absolutely possible for you.
  • Re-program the unconcsious blocks hold you back, even if you don’t know what they are, and without needing to dig up the past.
  • Discover the strength to let go of other people’s expectations or judgements (no more worrying what other people think of you!)

Want more personalised help and guidance from me?

I offer a very limited number of spots for 1:1 coaching with me.

Together, we will deep-dive to identify and clear the unconscious blocks in your way and align you with the self-empowering beliefs for you to live your best life.


What is MAP?

MAP (Manifesting All Possibilities) is a method of clearing subconscious blocks. It’s a way to train your brain to neutralise unpleasant memories that may even be subconscious themselves. You don’t need to know the specifics, this is a way to retrain your brain to remove those blocks so that you can live to your full potential.

How long does it take?

The brain is rewired, or trained, and this can take only moments. This is not psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, or tapping and does not require you to do a lot of talking. You don’t have to share private details, simply think about them.

What will it feel like?

The MAP method is fast and effective but also gentle. You will be awake, and present the entire time, no hypnosis required.

You may experience a few moments of discomfort if you are remembering any negative emotions but it’s generally followed by a sense of peace.

Is this like Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

No. You are asked to relax and observe the changes in your subconscious mind. You won’t be required to visualise, imagine anything or follow any specific instructions. You don’t have to remember the specific traumatic event or recall any painful details.

What is my MAP practitioner’s role?

As your MAP practitioner, my job is to guide you without influencing your healing in any way. I work with your inner wisdom and help your brain and it’s to heal itself.

What is my role going forward?

You will learn how to empower yourself with the skills needed to help yourself in everyday life. You can use MAP before a speech, an event, or anything that you may feel nervous or anxious about.

Interested in becoming a MAP practitioner?
If you’re like me and always known you wanted to help people, maybe you’ve been searching for how…

This modality gives consistent, fast and effective results in setting people free from their unconscious emotional and mental blocks.

Find out how you can become one of the few practitioners in the world using this cutting-edge process to make an incredible difference in people’s lives, and create profoundly fulfilling work for you.

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Josephine Patzel

Kelly is just genuinely kind, caring and compassionate. She does such a great job of teaching and it’s like she just knows what we need, at exactly the right time.

Surinder A

Kelly is a powerful self development leader. If you have not joined her, it is never too late to start right now and start a new journey of light and enlightenment!

Gigi Langer, Author of Worry Less Now

Kelly is so kind, calm, and centered. She’s very Grounded and easy to follow.

Claron Driscoll

Kelly is a natural and instinctive communicator – she can see and feel your heart and helps you understand how everything you want out of life begins with loving you! Kelly, your spirit is absolutely singing.

Karen Hadfield

Kelly’s dedication to guiding and encouraging women to live more soulfully and authentically is life changing. Her natural ability to explain, give practical applications and motivate is inspirational.

Robyn Palmer

I totally Recommend Kelly’s amazing programs and retreats. I have found much more peace and calmness since I have joined this wonderful intuitive teacher. Kelly embodies all she teaches.

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