Where’s Your Attention?

If you want to feel good and be your best, you need to be aware of what you are putting your attention on.

Because Feeling good most importantly comes from the quality of your thoughts.

Your power comes from choosing. When we’re not consciously choosing, we can revert to The “Negativity bias” (as scientists call it) pulls our attention, by default, toward the negative.

It’s all based on survival – our minds are conditioned to search for danger, and even though we may be perfectly safe, we still have this old conditioning. So instead of searching for dangers, we’re scanning for what’s not right. All this thinking is rooted in fear.

So when left unchecked, our attention so often goes to these 3 aspects:

1. What we lack.
2. Caught up in thoughts of wanting things to be different than they are.
3. What’s outside your control

So how do we use our higher, conscious awareness and choose to shift our attention away from the default negativity bias, toward an ELEVATED and empowered perspective?

We shift those three areas of attention to:

1. Appreciation (what we DO HAVE instead of what we lack)
2. Present and allowing of what is (instead of caught up in thoughts about the past, future or wishing things would be different)
3. What is within your power / vs what is outside your control

When we can put our attention on these 3, remembering that you DO get to choose where your focus goes, you are in your power.

So remember, you are empowered and can feel good when you consciously choose what you will give your attention to. 

1. Appreciation
2. Presence and
3. What is within your power to change.

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  1. Thanks Kelly wonderful advice as always xx
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas

    • Thank you Kelly. Wonderful advice as always.
      Wishing you are yours a very peaceful, fulfilling Christmas and a cheerful, happy 2023.
      Kia kaha.
      Lynn Mortimer.

  2. Thanks needed that. Came at the right time

  3. Thank you 🙏 Kelly for the gentle reminder. It is about choice and we have the power to choose. 💖

    • Thanks dell

  4. Thank you Kelly🙏 for making us aware of the great choices we really have, and how easy it is to apply.
    Practice makes perfect!😜
    (Everything seems to be easier when you know how!) You are a great teacher Kelly, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us. 💌
    May your Christmas be blessed with lot’s of Love, fun, peace, joy and happiness. 🎄☃️🤗

  5. Thank you ! I feel I’m at a crossroads in my life and this is helpful!

  6. A great reminder Kelly – thank you xx


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