Calm + Happy

Stop overthinking and worry, to discover peace and joy so you can live happier.

Calm + Happy is a FREE Video Series for Soulful Women, that will help you stop letting thoughts and emotions rule your life. Learn how to think differently for a calmer, more joyful way of being.

What you’ll experience in the

3-Part Series

What you’ll experience in the

3-Part Series

Video 1

Video 1 48 minutes

Out of your head into your heart

Learn how to come out of negative thinking, overthinking and worry, and connect with the peace that’s already within you (yes it is and I’ll show you!), even when life gets tough.

Video 2

Video 2 27 minutes

Peaceful Relationships

How to stop letting others ruin your peace and happiness, without having to change their behaviour. Learn how powerful it is to “stay in your own business” and the healthy boundaries you need, to enjoy better relationships.

Video 3

Video 3 55 minutes

The Keys to a Wonderful Life

Learn the essential understandings and mindset shifts, so you can finally live a life you love. This is what we all should have learned growing up, but didn’t!

How to Finally Become the Happier Person
You Want to Be

Sunday, 18th June 2023

About Kelly

Kelly is a teacher of meditation, mindfulness, and self-love; a speaker, retreat leader, Reiki Master and Superconscious transformation practitioner. She has taught hundreds of women how to be soulfully happy, getting to the heart of the life they love. Her mission is to help people find the peace, calm, and happiness that’s already within them. Her methods combine ancient spiritual wisdom with modern science, with her gift of teaching, spiritual insight, and beautiful calming voice.

Kelly’s Soul Space membership program brings deep calm, greater happiness & soulful connection to busy women. Soul Space provides “done for you” weekly guided meditation-based mini Retreat experiences.

Kelly’s teachings and methods are life-changing and her guided meditations are like a balm for the mind, body and soul.

What others have said about the Calm + Happy Video Series

“Wow!! I want to share this with everyone who’s struggling with their emotions. After listening to your words I finally think I’m on the right path. I’ve tried many things, but you present this all with a sense of knowing just what we need. ”

Julie Honeysett

I have been going through a pretty challenging experience.  This series has come at the perfect time, when I needed help to get out of my head and be present.

Tania Scott

“ I used to nurture my spiritual side daily but had somehow lost the practice and couldn’t seem to get back to it. It feels like coming home when I listen to you. Thank you for helping me find my inner peace again.”

Lynne D.

If you’re ready to let go of overthinking and worry, and experience calm and happiness, what are you waiting for? All you need to do is learn how, and I’m here to show you!

Yes! I’m so ready to drop the overthinking and worry!

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