The Kind of Connection You Really Need

We hear the word “connection” a lot these days and ironically it usually refers to connection in the digital sense – with Wi-Fi and smart phones, but that’s the opposite of what I’m talking about here!

I want to remind you of the importance of reconnecting – with yourself; with the present moment; and with the power and beauty of Mother Nature.

When you’re feeling out of sorts, chances are you’ve become disconnected from our authentic selves and probably also with nature. We become too caught up in doing, and in our thoughts.

We lose touch with who we really are and what’s important. It’s so important to reconnect.

Reconnecting doesn’t have to take a long time and can be super simple!

Peace is always here in the present moment. No matter what’s going on in your life, believe it or not, it’s not what’s happening that’s causing you to suffer, it’s the thoughts you have about what’s happening.

Ideally, if you can allow yourself to reconnect with the power of nature (even if it’s just your backyard or a local park), you’ll find it easier to disconnect from your thoughts, reconnect with the present your breath and the present moment and a sense of peace.

Today, can you make a deliberate intention to get your body outside and allow yourself to reconnect with the power and beauty and presence of Mother Nature? And allow that power to assist you to reconnect with the present moment, to your breath and yourself. And to find the peace that is always here and now.

I filmed a wonderful Soul Space episode from this location that guides you through the process of reconnecting. Be sure to check out Soul Space here. Weekly sessions that will calm your mind, nourish your soul and change your life.

My Margaret River and Byron Bay Retreats are all about reconnection. Check out the beautiful details here.


  1. Loved it Kelly, yes this resonates deeply with me too. I totally agree connection with our inner true self and Mother Nature is paramount ❤️

  2. You help lift my spirit when I’m feeling pretty ordinary. The message is simple and that is why it works. Thank you Kelly for all that you do.

  3. Thankyou Kelly. It is helpful to be reminded of this now and again.


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