The French Art of Living Well

Have you heard of “L’Art de Vivre”? It’s French for “the art of living well.”

There’s a delightful town in the south of France, where the people are renowned for embracing this philosophy. This is where I spent 3 blissful weeks, learning about and lapping up L’Art de Vivre.

L’Art de Vivre or “the art of living well” is a celebration of life’s simple pleasures. It’s about appreciating the beauty that surrounds us.

It encourages us to be present, to bask in the warmth of the golden sunshine, linger over a delightful drink in the company of loved ones, and indulge in delightful food. Cooking, eating, and even shopping for food in the vibrant local markets become delightful experiences.

It’s about savoring the little moments that make life truly special. At the end of the day, happiness comes from noticing and enjoying the little things in life.

In this video, I share with you the 4 ways you can take inspiration from the French, and embrace the art of living well!

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  1. Very Special time. “Just for today – be present, enjoy the moment”

  2. Thank you Kelly, great reminders and what a wonderful place for you to be! We will be in that region in August, in the mountains and am looking forward to it even more now!

  3. Dear Kelly
    Just loved watching this video. I’ve been learning French on my phone for a very long time. I want to do exactly this. Visit that exact kind of place. The markets especially. I’m loving your videos..not so easy to travel these days at our advanced age but I’m going to try. Thank you so much Kelly for taking me on this beautiful journey. Lyn xx

  4. We in Australia are losing that simplicity Kelly. Thank you for the timely reminder we must look at how we are perceiving this fast pace life and make changes. Take care

  5. Lovely video Kelly


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