The 2 Habits that Block Happiness

As Eckhart Tolle and Buddhist wisdom teaches us, freedom and peace come from non-attachment and non-resistance. What does this mean?

Resistance is fighting against, or trying to push away what we don’t want, thinking, “If only things weren’t this way, I’d feel better”.

Attachment is grasping for what we want, thinking, “If only I had things this way, I’d feel better”.

So in trying to feel the way we want to feel, humans are in a constant state of pushing away and grasping.

But it doesn’t work!

Getting what we want, and pushing away what we don’t want, gives satisfaction that is temporary, at best.

Peace, freedom and contentment – the true, lasting kind – comes from letting whatever is happening in this moment to be as it is.

Letting go of attachment and resistance is a constant practice. It means we relax about the way things are, and respond to life from a place of “allowing” everything to be just as it is.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you become passive. It means that from this present state of allowing, you respond to life. This feels so much better than the fear-based reacting that we would normally do when things aren’t the way we want.

In other words, we allow things to be as they are in this moment (it already is, so there’s no point fighting it) and choose our response.

A feeling of deep contentment and satisfaction is available for you right now.

The only thing blocking that contentment is beliefs that say things should be different than the way they are, which drives the tendency to resist and attach.

I’ve found that it’s necessary to continually commit to the practice of letting go attachment and resistance. Our minds stubbornly keep pulling us back to the well worn path of striving to control the way things are so that we can feel better, while missing the fact that feeling peaceful, free and happy is available in every moment by just letting go.

With daily rituals that anchor me back and remind me, it gets easier and easier. I still notice myself resisting and attaching, but I remember more readily, to pull myself back when I slip.

This doesn’t mean that it has to take a long time for you to feel the contentment, peace and freedom that comes from letting go. You can have it right now, in this moment, simply by allowing what is.

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  1. Hello Kelly
    Listening to you video on Resistance and Attachment was a light bulb moment for me!!!!! Thank you. It makes absolute sense. It resonates with me on a soul level.
    Warm regards,
    Eileen Bell

  2. Hi Kelly listening to your video on Resistance and Attachment is just what I needed to hear .Thank you for opening up my eyes to a situation that is happening right now and knowing that I just have to go with it, as I cannot change it . Love Michelle Russell

  3. Always enjoy your videos Kelly ❤??

  4. Thanks mate. I have listened and learned. It’s helping me think clearly.


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