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The following meditation albums are compilations of some popular Soul Space meditations on self-love, peace & calm, and nurturing your body & soul. Each album consists of 6 tracks which you can download on your device and use whenever you wish.

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The self-love Meditation Album includes the following 6 tracks:

  • Reiki – Self-love
  • Heart-Centred Living
  • How to Really Love Yourself
  • You are Worthy
  • Open to Receive Love
  • You are Enough


The Peace & Calm Meditation Album includes the following 6 tracks:

  • Reiki: Deep Peace
  • Let it Be
  • Soothe & Nurture
  • Soften
  • Feeling Better
  • Prioritise Peace
Plenty Map
Rewire Fear and Anxiety


The Body & Soul Meditation Album includes the following 6 tracks:

  • Body Scan Relaxation
  • Reconnect with Breath
  • Release
  • Chakra Rebalancing
  • Self-Love
  • White Light


I had serious insomnia before I came across Kelly. Nowadays I practice beautiful meditations following Kelly’s guidance, and sleep so well! I am so happy nowadays and see the world peacefully.


I have been doing one of Kelly’s meditations every day and night. They are awesome. I love guided meditation and I often used to search for ones to download over the internet, but you never know how good they will be and it is quite frustrating when you put the time aside and it's not great. Kelly has got me inspired into meditating again, and I really do feel a positive difference in my life and stress levels. I really love all of her meditations, such beautiful messages and really relaxing.


I love Kelly's meditations that guide me to a state of peace. They are beautiful and anyone listening to them will find inner peace and joy.


Kelly’s soothing voice and meditations always take me to a place of peace and tranquility. I just can't get enough of this amazing woman and how much she has helped me through this journey of life.


I was someone who tried on and off for many years to meditate on my own and failed. My body and mind were struggling everyday leading to many health issues. Listening to Kelly's calming voice guiding me through these meditations and bringing you back when my mind wanders has not only been great for my health but has given me the skills to get through life's little hiccups in a much more positive and mindful way, benefiting every aspect of my life. I can not recommend these guided meditations enough. They're now a part of my daily life.


Kelly’s voice is so soothing and her sessions leave me feeling totally relaxed and at peace. I was a newbie to mindfulness and meditation last year, but now I know and practice so much thanks to Kelly. She is really amazing and has made my life so more relaxed. I now find more time for myself and meditate often, but most of all I live my life mindfully, and really take notice of what is happening day to day and it’s beautiful. Thank you so much Kelly, I can’t wait for more!


Kelly’s meditations have not only changed my life for the better but have made my whole family calmer and our home so much more harmonious!

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