Love Yourself. The World Needs It.

Most of us didn’t grow up valuing the idea of self-love, because true self-love has been so misunderstood.

So the average person doesn’t realise how important self-love is, nor where to begin to actually “do” it!

So we can commonly feel pretty uncomfortable about the whole idea – I know I did! Because I didn’t understand it.

Then I learned that self-love is anything BUT selfish. And that it’s VITAL to being the best we can be.

Because the more we love ourselves, the more we’re able to love others.

Self-love isn’t so much something you “think” your way into, nor is it trying to conjure up a feeling about yourself that you don’t already have.

Rather, it’s connecting with the love that you already ARE! It’s a practice that we need to consciously commit to and return to. The loving thoughts and feelings will naturally follow from this practice. Because just like being present or mindful, we never get it perfect and we often forget.

When we don’t learn to love ourselves… we try to seek that love from others, to fill a gap that can never be filled by someone else.

How can we expect others to love us, when we don’t even love us? Isn’t it hyprocritical?

Loving ourselves is a RESPONSIBILITY.

How we feel about others is a direct mirror for how we feel about ourselves. That loving ourselves IS loving others. Feeling judgemental and critical of others is a reflection of how we feel about ourselves.

Knowing your heart’s calling and following that, IS the way we’re meant to serve in the world. Being depleted and resentful isn’t.

I believe our greatest mission is to learn to know and love ourselves so that we can be who the world needs us to be.

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  1. Thank you kelly that was real helpful I enjoy listening to your videos


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