Inner Certainty

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

And it seems to me there are 2 types of people, depending on which of those you believe.

As a former worrier and over thinker, I definitely didn’t have a strong belief in a friendly universe. And thinking back now, WOW did that make my life so much harder (and way less fun and joyful) than it could have been!

I recently shared a video about how to be okay with uncertainty, about the fact that life is actually always uncertain. And with the pandemic that we’ve been going through this year, it’s more uncertain than ever.

I shared about how to just become okay with uncertainty but I want to share a little piece that’s like an add-on to that and that is, there actually is a kind of certainty that you can rely up on, which is inner certainty.

Inner certainty is the only real and true kind of certainty that we can have. It’s a belief, a trust, that everything is going to be okay. And choosing to believe that changed my life completely.

When I didn’t use to believe that, I feared uncertainty and I would be trying to control my circumstances, grasping for certainty. But when I learned that I could choose to believe instead that everything’s going to be okay no matter what happens, it’s a choice, but it’s also a way of calling in more certainty.

Some call it faith, others would say “The Universe Has your Back” like the title of Gabrielle Bernstein’s book.

I find that when I come out of my mind stories of worry or overwhelm, and anchor back to the present, I see that everything is ok. And the more I choose to believe that it all will continue to be ok no matter what unfolds, the more that it’s true! I have more peace and less drama in my life. Things have a way of just working out.

If you believe anything about the Law of Attraction, what we believe deep down is what we’re going to attract more of. Your thoughts create feelings and that creates our reality.

How much do you believe that everything’s going to be okay no matter what happens? If you don’t believe it, you can choose to start to adopt that belief and make that a part of your life.

And I guarantee you that just making that choice and that simple mindset shift will make your life better.

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  1. Love your videos Kelly. Thanks light and love

  2. Love this, thank you Kelly. I think whenever I have felt overwhelmed by circumstance I have called on that inner strength and told myself everything is going to be ok. It’s the one thought that has got me through many struggles and kept my head on straight. ❤️❤️

    • Thanks Kelly your videos are so good. Everything you say is so true and I try to put them to practice often.

  3. Hi I liked the believe in inner certainty that everything will be alright but sometimes it is not. For instance when you lose close family members. It is hard to pick up again and believe this, mindset changes to one of fear and uncertainty.


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