How to Stop Worrying What Others Think of You

How much do you care what people think? Is it driving you?

I wasted so much time and energy imagining that others were judging me, or might judge me.

Wanting to gain approval and avoid disapproval was such a big driver for my actions, instead of doing what felt most right for me.

It would literally keep me awake at night and even stop me from doing things I wanted to do – from being true to ME.

This is a crappy way to live! We lose ourselves and get stuck in a trap of our own making, that prevents us from being who we can be – the best and most authentic version of ourselves.

I’m still a work in progress, but I’ve been able to move beyond those old ways of being in regard to letting go of worrying about what (I imagine) others think of me and it is SO incredibly LIBERATING and wonderful to be free to just follow my heart and BE myself!

Here are the 4 Understandings to put into practice to let go of being controlled by what others think.

1. When we’re worrying about other’s judgement of us, we’re in their business instead of our own. We’re mentally over there imagining what might be going on in their heads, instead of being responsible for our own thoughts and actions. Come back to managing your own business.

2. People judge. Accept that people WILL judge you, to diffuse the fear and the power it has on you.

3. Recognise that you judge. Focus on being less judgmental yourself and you’ll naturally then be less worried about others judging you. The more you judge, the more you worry about others judging you.

4. Value yourself and others EQUALLY. You’re worried they’ll think less of you or criticise you. But when we truly live from the point of view of EQUALITY, that we are all equal and what others think of us has NOTHING to do with your WORTH or VALUE. Your worth and VALUE must come from you.

Here’s to you stepping into being the best, most authentic version of you that you can be every day!

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  1. Thank you Kelly for those words of wisdom they are so true and they came at a time when I so needed them

  2. Yes ditto…thank you Kelly for being so honest about your experience , this definitely resonates with me.

  3. Than you Kelly a very important lesson.

  4. Thanks Kelly,
    I have just been doing some note taking from a couple of your videos.
    I am so grateful to you for sharing what you have learned over the years. It is also fantastic that it is coming from someone I know and trust. I love hanging out with you ,even If it’s just through your videos at this stage.
    Sending you lots of joy and love ???
    Jules ?

  5. Blessings Kelly, you are a beautiful soulful woman whose kindness is being extended to all those who are lucky enough to have crossed your path. Wise words for women to embrace.

  6. Thank you Kelly I really enjoyed watching this video. I really need to focus on this and work on not worrying. I will look at this video to remind me that happiness is better than worrying.

  7. Thank you for this. I needed to hear this. Love and acceptance of myself is all that matters. Then I can love and accept others.

  8. THANKYOU very much. I found this video very relevant and pertinent to myself. Appreciate your videos very much Kelly.

  9. Thank you Kelly for a very good lesson

  10. Wise words Kelly, a very important lesson because it doesn’t matter what you do, people will still judge.

    Thanks and blessings to you! 

  11. Thank you Kelly I am going to try very hard to put this into practice, I waste far to much time in my head thinking @ dwelling about other people’s thoughts you are so right it’s there buisnesss not mine. ?


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