How to Stop Feeling Guilty (& How I lost my Cool in the South of France)

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to stop feeling ashamed about something, this video is for you.

Are you holding on to guilt, or do you feel ashamed about something you did? In this video, I’ll teach you how to transform your feelings of shame or guilt. It’s normal to feel this way after we act out of integrity with our best self, but continuing to hold on on to those feelings does not serve us. You can free yourself and stop feeling guilty or ashamed.

While traveling through the South of France with my family recently, there was an incident that left me feeling bad about the way I’d reacted. I was able to use a very practical strategy to turn the whole situation around and put self-forgiveness and self-compassion into practice. I’ve applied the same strategy to bigger life situations too, (trust me, there have been a lot “worse” things I’ve had to work through!)

Even though the situation in this video is a pretty minor incident in the big picture, you can apply this exact strategy to transform the awful feelings of guilt, shame, or embarrassment from ANY situation, even something that is really “big” for you, into a wonderful opportunity for growth and freedom, using the healing power of unconditional love.

In this video I’ll show you the exact technique I used, to transform my own guilt and shame.

As you’ll see, the South of France is so beautiful, but traveling still has its ups and downs and challenges. As you’ll hear in the video, I lost my cool in the South of France. And since I teach about how to change the way you think and feel, including mastering your thoughts, emotions and energy, I believed I “shouldn’t have” reacted like this. But I also teach about self-love, forgiveness, and the power of unconditional love.

The technique is much more than just a “mindset” shift – it’s a mind, body, spirit, and energy practice that creates real transformation and healing.

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  1. Please add my email to your list … My subscribe button seems not to be working… I loved your calm video on self forgiveness

  2. The overwhelming thought I had about this situation you shared was “expectation of self” We seem to have such high expectations of ourselves to “get it right” …allowing ourselves no room for error. On my journey I am learning to change that perception and be kinder to myself 🥰


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