How to Have True Security

Do you worry about the future?

This is SO common!

It all comes down to our need for security.

But the truth is, real security can only come from within.

Even if you take care of your health, save and invest money, take out insurance, anything can happen.

I’m not saying that to spark even more worry in you, and it’s not that we shouldn’t manage our affairs wisely.

But the future is largely out of our control.

If you want to feel secure by knowing that everything will go the way you want in the future, you’re fighting a losing battle and causing yourself unnecessary stress. It’s robbing you of happiness today.

Anyway, the future never arrives – you only ever have today. And that’s enough.

All you need to do is trust that no matter what, you’ll be ok. Because the quality of your life is determined not by what happens, but how you respond.

Things will happen that you didn’t plan or want. And you’re going to be ok.

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  1. Such wisdom from a gracious & beautiful lady.
    Thank you Kelly.

  2. Hi kelly
    Very apt at this time as my husband and I are in medical situation when the future is unknown and could be scary but I am remarkably calm and not letting worry overtake me. It will be as it is and I feel lucky that we have all the help we need at this time. I have been a worrier all my life but I am strong. We do have challengers in life and worrying isn’t going to change anything. Being proactive now is all we can do. Thanks for helping me see this Kelly

  3. Lovely video Kelly & very true- The last 4 emails from U have stated that ‘this has not been downloaded from the server’ so I’m not sure if it’s my phone or not-Take care-Val


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