How Appreciation Connects You to the Present Moment

How often do you find yourself rushing through tasks and thoughts, disconnected from the present moment?

In the whirlwind of your everyday life, it’s easy to lose sight of the here and now. 

But what if I told you there’s a simple yet profound way to anchor yourself in the present? 

It’s all about the magic of appreciation. 

I’ve discovered that there’s a wonderful, natural connection between an attitude of appreciation and being present, that will help you on your journey to a more mindful and fulfilled life.

The Essence of Appreciation

Let’s take a moment to understand what appreciation truly means. It’s not just about saying “thank you” – it’s about recognizing and sincerely acknowledging the value, significance, and beauty of the people, experiences, and things in our lives. It’s about discovering the extraordinary in the ordinary, something we often overlook in our busy lives.

Appreciation is not just something we think about. It’s a feeling.

Appreciation and Mindfulness

Now, let’s explore how a state of appreciation can bring us closer to the present moment:

Appreciation as a Gateway to the Present: When you embrace appreciation, you naturally gravitate toward the present. It’s like a magnetic pull, redirecting your focus to the “here and now.”

A Mindful Perspective: Mindfulness invites us to fully engage in the present without judgment. Appreciation takes this even further – it immerses us in the experience itself. Whether it’s the taste of a delicious meal, the beauty of a blooming flower, or the warmth of a friend’s smile, appreciation enhances our awareness of these moments.

Savoring the Present: Appreciation encourages us to savor the richness of life. It’s a reminder to slow down, pause, and acknowledge the positive aspects of our experiences. By doing this, we learn to fully immerse ourselves in the present, connecting deeply with the world around us.

Research Supporting the Link

Science has also explored the beautiful connection between appreciation and mindfulness:

Positive Psychology Research: Studies consistently show that practicing appreciation leads to greater overall well-being and life satisfaction. These positive emotions ground us in the present and increase our capacity for mindfulness.

Neuroscientific Studies: Neuroimaging research reveals intriguing brain activity patterns when we experience appreciation. Areas linked to focus, attention, and emotional regulation light up, showcasing a robust connection to the present moment.

Mindfulness-Based Interventions: Mindfulness programs often incorporate appreciation practices to cultivate mindfulness. They’ve proven successful in reducing stress, enhancing mental well-being, and connecting individuals to the present moment.

Practical Examples

Let’s put theory into action with some practical examples:

  1. Mindful Moments of Appreciation: Dedicate a few moments each day to appreciate something in your life – it could be the aroma of your morning coffee, the laughter of a loved one, or the gentle rustling of leaves in the breeze. This simple practice will ground you in the present.
  2. Appreciation Journal: Keep a journal to jot down things you’re thankful for daily. It’s a tangible record of positivity and an anchor to the present.
  3. Expressing Appreciation: When you express your appreciation for a moment, an action, or a person, you’re not just acknowledging them – you’re fully engaging with the present interaction.

Appreciation is your ticket to being more present. By nurturing an attitude of appreciation, you’ll become more aware, more mindful, and more fully immersed in your daily experiences. Appreciation is not just a fleeting emotion; it’s a key to unlocking the richness of the present. So, take a moment today to appreciate the world around you, and you’ll find yourself more connected to the beauty of the here and now.

Wishing you a day filled with mindful moments and appreciation.

Let me know what you think about this, I would love to hear from you! Share in the comments below on how you are planning to put this action into your life and share this with someone you know will appreciate it.

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  1. Thank you Kelly. Your advice always arrives when I need it. I too use my morning walk around our inlet to practice mindfulness and gratitude. Some days I count how many different bird species I encounter. Clouds are also lovely to observe.
    Dolphins are always appreciated.
    Thanks again💖

    • Thanks so much Kelly for your calm way you approach day to day living.
      I shall do this regularly so I can be more present and enjoy the feeling of appreciation.
      Thanks for this video xx

  2. Thank you kell will definitely give this ago off everything around me to appreciate what I’ve got

  3. Love your videos and your calm presence, I have been practicing gratitude for some time now, and do what I can to stay present, but it’s a daily challenge, thank you for your kind and encouraging work 🙏🏻

  4. Thank you Kelly!
    Perfect timing. I’m getting better with my mindfulness on my walks & throughout the day. Practice is key. I appreciate the reminder of taking in colour & textures of things xx

  5. Thank you Kelly
    A beautiful reminder
    Something i will start to put in practice

  6. This is a great reminder to just appreciate your surroundings & finding the positive, lovely things in your life. Thank you Kelly

    • I do this practice every day. I just sit, look at the trees, the texture of their leaves, the different birds flying in & out of them, the sun giving the leaves a mottled appearance, the winds noise as it brushes the leaves.
      I do this often & find myself in nearly a trance & unable to remove myself from it sometimes, as the good feeling it gives me is quite addictive.

  7. Thank you Kelly for the reminder of gratitude, something I must practice more often, certainly worth doing♥️

  8. Thank you Kelly. As you say such an simple exercise to stay present.
    I will be using this throughout the day.

  9. Thank you Kelly I love listening to your wisdom I do appreciate everything in nature, I love trees and when I’m down I go to our rainforest and sit there. My problem is ,I have a very negative husband. Oh how I wish he could listen to you. Thank you for your wise words that help so much.

  10. Fantastic, this was exactly 💯 the message I received well. It has enhanced my life. Thank you so much. With love


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