How a Seaweed Farm Made Me Think About the World

During my recent travel to Ceningan Island Bali, (the first part of our 8-month world trip), I took time to learn more about the seaweed farming that is the livelihood of many locals.

It’s actually beautiful to watch! It felt like a meditation to see the farmers slowly moving through the water as they went about their work.

But in the past, like a “typical tourist”, I’d mostly kept a distance from it all, with little understanding of what was actually going on, beyond the surface-level.

It made me realise that when we take the time to show an interest in and learn more about people, nature and the world, the understanding that we gain increases connection and respect.

I hope this video gives you some insight into the importance of seaweed farming, and inspire you to keep an open and curious mind, to build greater understanding and connection with the world around you.

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