Food and Spirituality in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur was the next stop on our 8-month world trip, after our time in Bali (Ceningan Island).

We stopped over in Kuala Lumpur for 2 nights, because the best flights to travel from Bali to Paris, were via KL. Before my visit here, I wasn’t even very interested in going (only because I didn’t know much about the city). I was so surprised! I fully enjoyed my time in this city and plan to come back again to explore more of Malaysia.

The night market was amazing. When you try new and different foods, it’s a great way to “wake up” your senses, surprise your brain, and practice presence. This took mindful eating to a whole new level!

To me, presence is one of the most important aspects of spirituality. In this video, I share my personal insights on spirituality and you’ll see that Im not religious but I’m spiritual. But I very much respect all individual’s freedom to follow their own authentic path and spiritual journey, whether you are part of an organised religion, or not.

The Hindu Batu Cave and Temple was another a wonderful experience I enjoyed in Kuala Lumpur. The sheer scale and size of the cave and massive gold statue outside almost took my breath away! It was a public holiday on the day we went so, there were a lot of visitors. Seeing all these people enjoying the cave and temple regardless of their ethnicity or religious beliefs, reminded me how important it is to have some sort of spiritual connection.

Regardless of our beliefs, I do think that we need to feel a sense of connection to something greater than ourselves to find a greater sense of peace. I often remind people we are so much more than a mind and a body, and that the important third element is our spirit. Whilst I don’t follow a religion, I am a deeply spiritual person, connecting through presence and love, and using meditation and other practices as a way to do this. Connecting with the energy of my heart centre, along with my breath, in what I call Heart-Centred Presence, or Heart-Centred Awareness, is something that I do many times a day, and I find this to be a beautiful way to connect back with that energy of unconditional loving presence.

I recently added a meditation to my YouTube channel about connecting with presence – here’s a link to that so you can enjoy this short meditation after watching this video.

I hope I’ve reminded you to think more about how food and meals can actually be a tool to help with being present and connecting with others, and on a deeper level to consider your connection to something greater than yourself…you are not just a mind and a body but a spirit…Here’s to you connecting with your soulful self!

With love,


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  1. What a wonderful experience for you all. Thank you for sharing.

    • Lovely to hear from you Loesje, and glad you enjoyed the video! 💕

  2. Thank you Kelly words of wisdom

  3. Your msg resonates greatly with me Kelly. I have searched within organised religions, always feeling a lack. Nature, beauty, people, experiences do fill that need for connection. Late in life I began travel enjoying different cultures. Very grateful for the opportunities.

    • I love your comment thank you for sharing this perspective Joyce. 💛

  4. Thank you Kelly that was so enjoyable. Definitely one gets more spiritual after losing a loved when we lost our beautiful 25 year old granddaughter (who I’ve told you about. )
    Loved your point about experiencing new food and connecting over food..we traveled to the Far East 34 years ago. But not Malaysia. Hong Kong Thailand and Singapore.
    Loved their food..and the markets. Enjoy every minute of your travels. And thank you so much for taking us on this wonderful journey.
    Take care

    • Yes, feeling that love and connection with our loved ones who’ve passed, makes all the difference. I appreciate your comment Lyn, thank you. 💕


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