Erin T.

“The retreat exceeded any joy I thought I could feel…”
I arrived very tired but excited and left feeling joyous, gracious and blissful.
There was nothing I didn’t enjoy! I gained a clear view of the importance of love but particularly self-love. I also gained valuable tools and a fresh perspective on life.
It was a great program. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking to bring more joy, better health and balance, peace and clarity into their lives.

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Where’s Your Attention?

If you want to feel good and be your best, you need to be aware of what you are putting your attention on. Because Feeling good most importantly comes from the quality of your thoughts. Your power comes from choosing. When we’re not consciously choosing, we can revert...

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Rachel Howe-Houareau

I am ever so grateful to Kelly Hine for assisting me on my journey of change and purpose. Thank you so much Kelly for just being your authentic self so that I and others can find their true self.

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