Busy Does Not Equal Worthy

Worthiness and busy-ness are unfortunately very linked together in our modern day world. If I attach my sense of worth (even unconsciously) to being busy, then I won’t tend to put such a high value on simply being.

Add to this the fact that our mind or ego has strong resistance to stillness. It’s job is to stay busy in thinking, so if the mind stops, the ego loses its purpose. The huge resistance I had to starting a practise of meditation now makes so much sense! Who would’ve thought there would be so much discomfort in trying to quiet my mind!

We’ve overglorified busy!

Our worthiness is not about how much we’re getting done. You are worthy because you exist.

Take time to just “BE”

Time Management expert Laura Vanderkam suggests that scheduling our self-care time as a “to-do” list item, helps busy people to ensure it gets done.

Next time someone asks you “how are you?” Imagine answering, “Wonderful. I’ve been taking so much time to do nothing and just enjoy being.”

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  1. I whole heartedly agree with just being as opposed to being busy. I used to often tell people how good it is to meditate. Their reply 9 out of 10 would be : oh no I have too much to do, or: I’m too busy for that.! I use transcendental meditation 20 minutes twice daily. Apart from that just being in a quiet space or in nature is so good.

  2. It’s taken a while, but allowing myself to ‘just be’ is proving to be one of the greatest gifts I have given myself. With no guilt attached, xx

  3. One of the hardest things to do is to just sit still and be and not feel guilty because you are not doing something.Am learning to do this. Getting my mind to not wander off is the hard part. Thankyou for the reminders.

  4. So true that I battle to just be but you have put it so well and I will really try and slot it into my day. Thank you ?

  5. If I sent this to my daughter she would say “mum how or when do I get time for this with a 3 year old and 18 month old boys and their constant needs and demands. I cant even go to the bathroom in peace” how do busy mums find the time to just be when they never get a minute without an interruption to themselves.


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