Kelly Hine


Cocoon has had a huge positive impact on my life. My brain has been rewired! It’s given more freedom, and more choices. I feel I’m in my power with my thoughts. I’m living in the present most of the time. I now have confidence in making decisions, and to open up and...


I’m so much stronger within my feeling of being aligned thanks to Cocoon. It kept me committed and on track. The MAP process has made a huge difference, and the virtual retreats were always something to look forward to.


Cocoon has taken us all by surprise just how special we’ve all become to each other. With cocoon we’ve gone so deep. It has fast-tracked my growth and given me personal accountability. I now really understand what true love is.


This was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. If you really want to discover your essence, join Cocoon! You will be awakened and your heart will grow.


Cocoon has given me belief in myself, confidence that I never had, and self-love. My inner self has changed. I’m more relaxed, peaceful, loving and accepting. My relationships have improved greatly. I enjoy my life so much more now. The friendships in the group have...

Jo H.

Cocoon truly has made a massive difference to my life and I now have so much more clarity and understanding of my true authentic self! I have loved the Soul Sister Circles, the Meditations, the MAP.. basically everything.

Trish D.

I’ve come so far since the start of Cocoon. I’ve come home. I've found my true self! When we started, I felt as though I was stagnating like a fish in an offshoot of a river and suddenly found the flowing stream again. I’ve had so much healing. I just feel so alive...

Angela P.

I can’t imagine life without the support, friendship and guidance we have experienced together during this time. I am in a much better place spiritually and mentally since we started. I have learned so much, not only from our amazing teacher Kelly, but from all of you...

Josephine P.

Cocoon has been a game changer for me… it has improved my life to no end and continues to do so, not to mention our incredible friendships that will continue for the rest of our lives.