Appreciating Art, Culture and Beauty in France

There’s no country I was more excited to visit on this 8 month world trip, than France!

I’ve been to France a few times over the years, and it holds such a special place in my heart.

I adore the language, the art, culture and beauty in France. And I love the food and architecture. The French are fiercely passionate about art, beauty and living well, and I love this about them!

Arriving in Paris and being able to enjoy the city with my 13 year old daughter was like being in a dream! As a very artistic girl who appreciates beautiful surroundings, she was in awe of Paris.

I hope you enjoy this look into some of our time in France, and I hope that this video inspires you to consider how you could find ways to appreciate more art, culture and beauty in your own life.

With love,


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  1. So true Kelly. France & Paris especially do light up our souls.

  2. Thank you Kelly. This was very meaningful for me. I do watercolours and love seeing art from anyone really let alone the Old Masters in museums. Did do a ship cruise to Europe in 2000. We saw lots of museums..even the Hermitage in St Petersburg and Peterhof Palace .
    But sadly not the Louvre in Paris. None in London either. An afternoon in a city is not enough. So glad you and your family are having such special times together. I feel so blessed to receive these videos from you. So kind of you to think of others
    Take care. Love Lyn

    • lovely to watch Kelly. Been years since I was in Paris!
      so true what you say about art.


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