You deserve a fulfilled and happy life.

I think most of us get to a point in life where it's like, "Is this it? Is this all there is?"

You have so much to be grateful for that you feel guilty for not being more content.

Then you worry there’s something wrong with you. And it makes you feel alone. I’ll let you in on a little secret, so many other women feel just like you do.

We’ve been conditioned to seek happiness and self-worth outside ourselves, and it can take decades to realise just how impossible that is. That mindset affects all of our other relationships.

Self Love is more than a warm bath or the occasional pedicure. It’s a deeper, more powerful journey, and vital for our wellbeing. Most women are not brought up to value or even understand true self-love and how incredibly important it is.

You are amazingly wonderful and it’s about time you knew it and started treating yourself that way. Nobody else can do this for you, beautiful soul.

As a Transformational Teacher and Healer, Reiki Master, MAP Practitioner and founder of a life-changing membership for women, I’m devoted to helping you achieve lasting inner peace and happiness that is possible, no matter what life has thrown at you.

Hi, I’m Kelly

My life’s work is devoted to guiding you back home to your wonderful true self…Trust me, she’s in there!

It’s unbelievable to me that no one teaches us how to be happy and free!

I’m a reformed stress-head and insomniac who spent years figuring out (the hard way) how to stop fighting my thoughts, emotions and circumstances. I now have a level of peace, health and happiness that I never knew I could achieve.
With my background as an award-winning teacher, I love showing others how to bring profound inner peace into their lives.
Even if you feel you can never switch off, I’ll show you it’s easier than you think!
I’m committed to giving you the simple tools and understanding to put you back in control of your thoughts and emotions. This will leave you feeling clear, calm and connected.
If you’ve followed my work for a while, you’ll know my previous brand and website was “Body & Soul Retreats”. While I still love running amazing, transformational retreats for women, my work has evolved so much over the years, that a change felt appropriate and timely. 

I believe our biggest struggles are our greatest teachers.

In my mid thirties I found myself facing some huge life challenges. The difficulties in balancing a job with two young children and a deeply troubled marriage was one thing. But I also I had to do something about my anxiety and the growing unhappiness within me.

I tried and failed at meditation more times than I could count, but something told me to keep going because I knew it was an important piece of the puzzle. I obsessively read books, took classes and scoured the internet for answers to the way I was feeling. I invested a LOT of time and money.

Some changes happened quickly and others over a longer period of time, but finally I got to the point where I couldn’t even associate with the (highly-stressed) old me.

When I looked back at all I’d been through I was so aware that everything I’d learned could be distilled down to a much simpler form.

When I finally figured out how I could feel the way I wanted and let go of the frustrations and unhappiness that was holding me back, I naturally wanted to teach others in the EASIEST and FASTEST way possible (that’s the natural born teacher in me!)

I started teaching small groups and running retreats, which led to larger groups and eventually my global online membership where I now help thousands of women all over the world.

This is the work of my heart and soul, helping  women to make life-changing transformations through my Soul Space membership and live retreats.

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