A Simple way to be Present Even if You’re a “Doing” Person

Eeek! Just got featured in Perth’s Luxury Lifestyle magazine!! ???

Journalist Sarah Brookes came to my Margaret River 3-night Retreat as a self-confessed “skeptic” and by the end, said, “Kelly is clearly a skilled teacher if she can turn even this hack into a believer. I now “get it”!

Sarah says “she hadn’t felt so much elation since I was “punching the light” during the thumping 90’s rave scene”.

She went on the say her “ ‘a ha’ moments came early” in the retreat and I love that she says she was helped by my teachings “grounded in science yet mindblowingly simple.”

This is exactly what I dedicate my life to, which is making these life changing shifts simple, easy and practical so that even the greatest cynic can ‘get it’!

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  1. Congratulations ? Kelly,
    You are a great teacher. You’re passion and dedication is the key to your success.
    I’m very proud of you.
    I always enjoy your Postings.
    Kind regards,
    Elisabeth Probst ?

    • Well Done Kelly!

    • Thank you very much Elisabeth, I really appreciate your lovely words and encouragement!

  2. “Am I here?” WOW so stupendously simple and yet it really works….. this is going to be used a lot by me xxx


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