Alter Ego: A Life-Hack to Being Your Best Self

In my work I continually meet people with amazing potential, who feel frustrated and stuck because they’re not living according to their truest desires.

They don’t know how to get unstuck or how to allow themselves to step out of the fear and self-sabotage that holds them back.

I’m constantly look for the world’s best practices and tools, to share with others. I’m always looking to find the simplest ways to teach these, to help people get unstuck and be who they really want to be.

Todd Herman’s new book, the Alter Ego Effect, teaches a simple, fun and creative strategy that many of the world’s highest performers use. This involves stepping into the highest possible version of yourself by taking on a persona that has the traits you feel you most need.

This strategy is backed by some scientific studies but is also something we did as kids – play pretend!

The way you want to be around your kids will likely be quite different to the traits you want to show for your work, so you may have a separate “alter ego” for each. Todd Herman also suggests we can combine two or three to come up with our ideal alter ego character.

So consider who – living or dead/ a fictional character or real person or even animal, embodies the traits that you most want to show for a particular role?

If you feel you want to be more decisive and confident at work but lack those traits, you can imagine being someone that you truly admire for those qualities. How would they think and respond to tasks and challenges of your job?

It’s not that you don’t have these traits – you actually do. And by taking inspiration from these characters or people through this simple and playful approach, you can overcome the resistance and fear that’s holding you back from embodying those qualities.

If this idea sounds interesting to you, I highly recommend The Alter Ego Effect. You’ll learn exactly how to identify the traits you need that will help you succeed in life, and exactly how to create and use your alter ego characters.

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  1. Awesome stuff thanks Kelly

    • Damn another book I need to buy ?

  2. Thank you Kelly good advice xx

  3. Thank you Kelly ☺️

  4. Most enjoyable to listen to Kelly
    Thank you ?❤?

  5. Loved it. The highest of me! Makes me feel good about myself. Thank you. I believe I can help people have beautiful homes as a interior designer.


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